As part of their architectural work, aLL Design creates ‘street creatures’, these are site-specific pieces of sculptural architecture with a function. They vary from temporary pop-up spaces like newspaper stands, market stalls or installation pieces for exhibitions, to permanent additions to the environment – like Neuron Pod at Queen Mary University London.

aLL’s ability to employ fine art techniques to produce architectural ideas has led naturally to a portfolio of sculptural structures that are surprisingly functional. The Blizard Institute for Queen Mary University houses a range of ‘pods’ that are suspended in a vast void above the lower ground laboratories. These pods were inspired by the research being carried out below – a huge orange pod, shaped like an embryo contains a science education centre, 'Centre of the Cell', that hosts digital science shows and interactive computer games to inspire young people to puruse careers in science. Other pods house meeting and conference rooms. Visitors have remarked on the delight they feel when entering the building – a rectangular glass box that is filled with colourful ‘creatures’.

Street Creatures

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