Las Heras


Location: Girona, Spain
Size: 300 hectares
Year: 2016 - ongoing

aLL Design

Las Heras is Will Alsop's anti-masterplan and an educational retreat for students of art and architecture '...I was taken there by my client. We arrived at a house within 350 hectares. I felt instant affinity to this place. I asked, "Why did you buy this?" He answered "That is your project - to tell me"'

Amidst beguiling terrain in Girona, sits Will Alsop's evolutionary site, Las Heras. A retreat; a place of education; what will become of it?

'A concept emerged, which outlined a future. A masterplan, or indeed any strong expression of intent, was inappropriate. The very word 'plan' expresses determination, which in this case is to be avoided. It was important to find a way of outlining a future without defining it.

The emerging project's starting point is as educational resource for anyone; particularly architectural and art institutions. Groups of up to 15 people may visit, explore the landscape and find places where something can be constructed to sleep/relax in. They must use materials 'found' on the site, but not exclusively.

In August 2016, students of the London School of Architecture (LSA) visited Las Heras to build the first structure. They were joined by Will Alsop and filmmakers Savage Mills who documented their process. The film and the education programme will be launched in Autumn 2016.

Will wrote a book that exists as a plan, a gazetteer volume of information, and a cookbook, intended to stimulate and encourage.

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