Meanwhile Spaces

As the population density of towns and cities grows, so does the need to build more homes, workplaces and infrastructure. There are debates about building upward, developing on brownfield land and greenfield land and more recently, the opportunity to reimagine existing buildings and the spaces between them. In the years prior to Will Alsop’s death, he had been rethinking his own approach to masterplanning and increasingly how to retain and improve the existing fabric of our cities.

aLL Design foster a “Knock Nothing Down” approach where feasible; we can often transform our environment with simple interventions – building above, between, beneath, around – even through – our existing architecture. This can be a temporary solution that brings culture to underdeveloped areas by way of pop-up markets, shops, eateries or arts and events spaces, or we can plan more permanent structures that allow for adaptation and growth. What we always consider is the value these interventions will bring to the community and if there is scope to retain them.