Completion: Ongoing

aLL Design

‘Sendsun’ Agriculture Park will form the heart of the Yubei district in China. The master-plan unites agriculture and art within 4mmÇ of outstanding natural beauty.

The project seeks to create a retreat from the intensity of the city of Chongqing.The vast site that ranges from <540m to >450m sea-level will be dotted with luxurious tree-houses; yacht club, botanic garden, boutique hotels and a walled village populated with garden cottages. Land sculptures and art installations will pepper the landscape.

Each building will evolve as a site-specific form, combining natural materials of bamboo, wood, stone and weathered and polished steel. Surface patterns and textures are crafted on a grand scale with façade materials appearing woven, perforated or honeycomb.

There is an emphasis on the delightful and multifarious in the scheme that reflects Alsop’s design approach – the employment of varied arts practice to inform a master plan; from poetry - via painting, sculpture, music, craft and horticulture - to the art of contemplation - simply being and looking about. The resulting typology refuses to conform, inventing new ways to work and play.