Reem Island


Location: Abu Dhabi City

Size: 633 hectares

Designed in 2009

aLL Design

Al Reem Isle is a natural island, located off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi city, previously referred to as 'Abu Al Shuoom', 'The Pearl' and 'Emirates Pearl Island', it will become home to a residential, commercial and business development.

The development will be connected to the Abu Dhabi city island by two or three bridges and be located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Al Reem Island will cover an area of 633 hectares (68 million square feet) and is being built by three developers -Tamouh Investments, Sorouh and Al Reem Investments. The island is expected to accommodate 280,000 residents and will include schools, medical clinics, shopping malls, restaurants, a 27-hole golf course, hotels, resorts, spas, gardens, and beaches.

In 2009, Will Alsop was invited to propose a vision for the Najmat area and to develop this through detailed design. The Marina is the focal point of the Masterplan. It features a multipurpose, kinetic stage which can vary in height for different performances and rotates to form a projection screen for open air shows. To the north of the stage are dedicated, raked seating platforms for open-air performances.

The boardwalk stretches from the marina to the East to the vehicular bridge to the West. With its natural, wild landscape it offers a different experience from the rest of the master plan. It will be a romantic destination with juice and oyster bars.

Around the marina, outdoor dining tables are cantilevered on platforms over the water's edge. These tables are sheltered by large petal canopies which offer shading and cooling by day and by night, animate the marina’s edge.