Lille Landscape


Designed: 2010-2011

Size: 13.5 hectares

aLL Design

In 2010, Will Alsop was shortlisted to design a landscape to unify the centre of Lille. The site is a long strip defined by the canal which, in-turn, is sheltered by surrounding large scale infrastructure. Alsop master-planned a new river and linear park with paths that bridge the waterways, animating both riverbanks and increasing accessibility to the wider city. A programme of sports and cultural activities is imagined on a series of promontory stages and in public spaces along the river’s edge.

The vision provides urban coherence and an ecosystem for a more sustainable city. The park re-establishes flora that has been lost over the years and uses passive techniques to oxygenate and cleanse the water and to supply energy for the fountains and public lighting. Activating the river area focusses the city’s cultural offer encouraging public engagement in new and historic Lille.