Kenya Mall 'The Beacon'


Completion: Spring 2020

Designed in 2018

Size: 28,500m2

aLL Design

aLL Design has won planning permission for a new retail concept in Nairobi, Kenya. The centre will be aLL Design’s first project in Kenya and the late Professor Alsop’s only project in Africa.

Nairobi shopping centre and Grade A office project, ‘The Beacon’, is to be developed by Kiloran.

The new open-air mall features 24,300m2 of retail, food and beverage along with a 4,200 m2, seven storey office tower overlooking the mall’s roof garden and bar.

The contents of the mall will be characterised by a ‘sweet factory’ theme with many details commissioned by local craftspeople and artisans as well as those using the latest manufactured materials and technology. The Beacon is intended to bring delight to locals and tourists; the vivid colours and striking patterns of the façade will hint at the amusements and leisure facilities inside.

A light monorail with ‘jellybean’ style carriages is planned; a helter-skelter, piano staircase and merry go-round will enliven the space and encourage community interaction and shared experience. Playful twists on form and function will fulfil Alsop’s desire that architecture should always be fun.

The main façade to Uhuru Highway is clad in monochromatic porcelain panels broken by a bright red leisure box. Internally, mallscape walkways are sheltered from seasonal rain and sun by colourful solar fabric canopies. A thatched rooftop restaurant and solid surface clad bar sit atop a biodiverse brown roof.

It is intended that the mall will become a destination in its own right and will sit well on its prime retail pitch immediately between major employment zones; the Central Business District, the Industrial Area and Upper Hill financial district, broadening the localised leisure offer to provide facilities that encourage longer dwell time on site by visiting families with children; teenagers and young people.