Finch West


Completed: 2018

Size: 3,000 m2

aLL Design with TSGA (The Spadina Group Associates, a joint venture of IBI Group, LEA Consulting Ltd. and WSP)

Finch West is the second subway station designed by Will Alsop in collaboration with local architect Richard Stevens as part of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

The concept defines a ‘station of light’ to  provide direct and indirect daylight and sunlight into previously dark spaces. This is to provide a positive psychological effect on all passengers and staff using the station and provision of daylight would in-turn lead to reduced energy consumption.

Alsop also worked with long-term collaborator, artist Bruce McLean. They have developed a concept of public art fully integrated with the architecture.

The structures supporting the power substation reference Greek caryatids; the pillars supporting the underground were inspired by 6,000 year-old Minorca-style pillars.