Smart Healthy City


Location: Nanjing
Size: 2,325,500 m2
Year 2014 - Ongoing

aLL Design

The scale of China's urbanisation in recent years has often not addressed ongoing issues, such as the aging population, haze and dust storms, environmental pollution, unemployment and land loss. Formerly one of China's southern economic centres, Nanjing has fallen behind Shanghai and Suzhou. aLL Design was appointed to design a new world-class city with a focus on healthcare; business and trade, creative culture, education, science and research, ecological living, leisure and tourism.

This master plan will form part of Nanjing's emerging city plan to become a sustainable 21st century city with the following values:

- Independence

- Sustainability

- Self-sufficiency

- Modernity

Acknowledging and incorporating the value of nature, health and well-being, we have designed an inviting environment to encourage different generations to inhabit the city. The hub is connected by two lakes with a central spine of water that links them.

As society evolves, we need to create places that enable people to prioritise living rather than focussing on work. Productivity increases when people are happy and fulfilled. By creating a place for people to live their life to the full, relax, interact and learn,  we can provide the framework for a truly sustainable society.