Neuron Pod selected for NLA's Knowledge Capital Study, London

Neuron Pod (2).JPG

Queen Mary University London (QMUL) is expanding its science education offer beyond its existing Alsop-designed Centre of the Cell (CoC), part of QMUL's Blizard Building. CoC is the only centre of its kind to be situated within a biomedical laboratory. Its design based on an embryo, the pod hosts classes of up to 40 school children, teaching them elementary molecular science. The pod shows are dynamic and theatrical and visitor numbers have exceeded expectations and increased year-on-year. The addition of second education facility sited in Blizard Mews will potentially double capacity. The new building, named 'Neuron Pod', is currently at pre-fabrication stage in Littlehampton, to be assembled in the Mews between April and August 2018. The pod's design is inspired by a neuron - a Corten steel façade punctured by one thousand fibre-optic 'dendrites' - hair-like light fronds that will be illuminated at night.

Neuron Pod has been selected as part of the NLA's Knowledge Capital Study: making places for education, innovation and health, that runs from May -July 2018.



Pete Longhurst