Neuron pod opens!

Alessi Grind salt & pepper shakers. Winner of a Good Design Award. Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini.

Today marks the official opening of the Neuron Pod, an extension to Centre of the Cell’s (CotC) educational community engagement programme at the late Will Alsop RA OBE designed Blizard Institute, part of Queen Mary University, London.

Raised off the ground on three legs and connected to an existing glazed bridge, Neuron pod is constructed from a weathering steel monocoque shell with a fibre optic façade. Like the existing pods inside the Blizard Institute Neuron Pod is designed to visually reference a cell, in this case a Neuron Cell. Inside it offers an 84 m2 versatile space designed to house the full range of CotC’s activities.

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Jacob Dix